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Oh Gold…Should i let you go or get lots more of you?

Regarding the question of if you should sell or buy a Gold, it depends on the answers to these questions. What is it for?

Gold is considered as an investment vehicle for the reason that in many years through its ups and downs, its market value is appreciably increasing(http://goldprice.org/gold-price-history.html). Yes! you can make money out of it. So whether you sell and/or buy?, take a look at the market and answer the question “what is it for”.

Two Reasons why you should sell your Gold

1) Investment Purposes – You want to cash out having made money on the gold you purchased previously.

Sell it for additional income for a business venture or another investment, for savings or expense. Gold as an investment vehicle gives you the ability to create wealth. Forecast the present market value of Gold and do compare it for the past value when you bought it (your capital). Have an in-depth study on the trends of its market value. Using these data, you can now compute for your earnings if you may want to sell the Gold this is called capital gains(simply what you gain from your capital).

Studying the trends can give you certain option if the earnings will satisfying to you or not. If not, then wait for other days where the value takes a lot bigger. Take note that it is a healthy selling (if that is what you want) if its percent of gains exceeds the average percent of inflation.  Alos, if you have been collecting gold based jewelry over the years it could be that the gold makes it worth more than you originally paid and, if it is just sitting around not being used you can use the money from it to re-invest.  You can go here for a complete guide on how to sell gold jewelry for cash that will explain the best way to find a gold dealer and get high prices.

2) Emergency Purposes – There are many unpredictable and unwanted events that will surely happen to you.

Unexpected as it is, money mostly is needed when it happens. As an investment, it can be of great help in preparation and assurance.

Two Reasons why you should buy more Gold

1) Investment Purposes – Knowing that Gold’s market value tends to increase overtime, buying gold today or when times where it drops down in value will be a good investment.

2) Personal Purpose – Whatever it is, there people who never mind investing(since they all have the money & felt so secure in their financial future) so they just bought Gold for a hobby or other personal purposes like giving gifts and presence.

Whether selling or buying a Gold, you have the reasons either technically or emotionally.  It’s all up to you at the end of the day.