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With gold prices moving up and down daily, the future of these prices is casing major debate in the stock, jewelry, investment and cash for gold industries.  But where are these prices going, and is now the time to buy gold or sell gold?  Below we will analyze if now is the best time to sell any of that broken, used and unwanted gold and jewelry you have been planning to sell but worried that you wont get a good price.

So, you have been watching gold prices waiting for the right time to sell you old gold and jewelry.  You have gone through all your collection of jewelry and picked out all of the items that you will never again wear because they have gone out of fashion or have broken. You have checked the quality of your items and now that you have valuable gold, silver, platinum, and maybe diamonds, and you want to ensure you get the very best prices.

You just now need to establish if now is a good time to get cash for gold and jewelry from a gold buyer. The answer is yes, now is a good time as there are many indicators that gold will be falling in price over the next few months.

What is happening is that investors are moving back into the stock market due to the huge gains that have been made.  These investments, in part, are from reducing investments in items such as precious metals, and therefore the demand for gold has reduced.

You can then add to this indicator the fact that several countries who have, in recent years, been buying excessive amounts of gold – such as China and India – have seen a reduction in their demand for this metal.  This, added to investors moving out of gold, has been the major cause of the recent drop in prices.

So now we have established that now is the right time to cash in on that gold you want to exchange; now we need to pick a reliable gold buyer who will give you the very best prices for you items.
Fortunately, this is very simple.  Most reputable buyers show on their websites the current price of gold and all you need to do is call a few of them and see who is paying the most.  You should also check to make sure they pay quickly and are available to answer your questions.

If you speak to a gold buyer in person, that gold buyer has a good online reputation and they are paying high prices, you have pretty much guaranteed that you will sell to the right buyer.
In conclusion – now is a great time to get cash for your unwanted gold and jewelry, just make sure you sell to a reputable gold buyer.